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Goodbye Winnipeg, Hello Vancouver

August 19, 2011

Well friends, long time no see! Sorry about the lack of updating for the last couple months, I’ve been incredibly busy with work and summer school. I also sadly left my downtown Winnipeg apartment in May to move in with Darcy in Osborne Village. I’ve been living in the historic and possibly haunted Roslyn building since then. Everyone who is anyone has a story about partying here. My dad, apparently, long ago partied in the apartment of Burton Cummings (the lead singer for The Guess Who), although he says Burton was out-of-town at the time. But don’t fret, if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to party in the Ros your opportunity is around the corner.

So my first big news update, if the gossip hasn’t already reached you, is that my real move has been confirmed. That’s right, I was accepted to study at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. That means I’m moving to Vancouver this fall, the moving truck is on standby and the flights are booked! So farewell Winnipeg, please accept this as my final notice. I’ve also decided to close down this blog within the coming weeks too. But don’t worry, you won’t be completely losing out on our personal one-on-one time here. I’m in the process of opening two new blogs, one for my personal (and occasional political updates) and another for design/vintage/art stuff. Stay tuned for announcements on those.

Darcy and I leave on Monday, August 29. That’s in about 10 days. A going away party invite will be arriving in some of your mailboxes quite soon. To all my Winnipeg friends, its been a slice. And to Winnipeg, well it has been a blast. I’m certainly not going to miss those mosquitos and long winters. But I’ll never forget your beautiful summers, small town charm, vibrant arts scene and wonderful neighborhoods. So this farewell is a reluctant one, because I absolutely love this city. And I’m sure you won’t be able to keep me away for long. So goodbye my Winnipeg friends and hello Vancouver.

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