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University of Manitoba Labour Days

March 17, 2011

I have been incredibly swamped with work and school lately and I haven’t had time to update the blog. For those of you wondering what my status is for next year you’re just going to have to continue on waiting. I haven’t received word yet on my application to Fine Art school, but I promise you will all be the FIRST to know. Well first after my family, friends, employers, facebookers and twitter followers of course. But you’re seriously at the top of my list.

In other news I wanted to take the opportunity to plug a super-amazing event of pure awesomeness taking place at the University of Manitoba at the end of this month. Seriously awesomeness. The FIRST EVER University of Manitoba Labour Days. That’s right folks you heard about it here first. Labour Days will be a celebration and showcase of the history and achievements of Manitoba’s labour movement and will bring Labour Studies students into contact with our friends and allies in the labour and social justice community.

Labour Days will be held from Tuesday, March 29 to Thursday, March 31. It will include an exclusive career fair for Labour Studies students with key employers from the community and a featured speakers series in the University Centre Fireside Lounge.

Check out the poster for the public speakers series featuring Dave Sauer – President of the Winnipeg Labour Council, Rob Hilliard – WCB Advocate and Director of Workplace Health and Safety at UFCW Local 832 and Dianna Scarth, Executive Director of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.

University of Manitoba Labour Days - March 29 to 31

Isn’t that poster a beauty? (Yes, I designed it. And I’m quite proud).

The University of Manitoba Labour Days event is being modeled after a similar event held at George Brown College in Ontario.

So seriously, spread the word and make sure to check the events out.

Oh and don’t forget:

Friends don’t let friends cross picket lines

And if you love the weekend (I know I do) thank the union

That’s all folks.

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